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    The genderduplex flag.
    An alternate genderduplex flag.

    Genderduplex is a gender identity where someone experiences exactly two separate parts to their gender identity. That does not mean they are necessarily demigender, it just means that their gender identity is divided into two completely separate parts. Those parts may individually fluctuate in intensity or be fluid in their actual gender identity, but due to their total separation, they will never influence or affect each other. So, when one part of a genderduplex person's identity fluctuates, it will never affect the other part of their gender identity, and vice versa.

    Each of the two individual parts of their gender identity can be any gender(s), but they are both distinctly separate, even if they are similar genders. It's important to note that genderduplex people have exactly two parts to their gender identity, not exactly two genders. For example, one part of their gender might be trigenderflux, while the second part of their gender is venufluid.

    Because genderduplex people have two separate parts to their identity, they may simultaneously feel like 100% one gender, and 100% another gender, while not feeling that their two parts add up to feeling 200% gendered (hypergender). They feel their gender identity is more "standard" in that it isn't hypergender even though it's composed of two 100% parts. They could feel like 100% a girl and 100% maverique at the same time.


    The term genderduplex was coined on February 10, 2021 by wiki user Rainbowraven96 (now Reign of the breadsticcs), and the flag was designed by the same user on the same date. The alternate was designed by FANDOM user Foxesforever on April 6, 2021. It is modeled after the original flag.

    The two distinct sections of the genderduplex flag represent the two distinct parts of one's gender, the black stripe between the two sections represents an impassable barrier and emptiness, representing how the two parts of a genderduplex person's gender don't and can't interact or "cross over" to each other. The spectrum of colors from deep red to deep blue in each section represents the individual variety and possibilities for each part of one's gender.

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