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    The gender spark flag.
    The gender spark symbol.

    Gender spark is a term to describe an unexpected, long-lasting, and/or intense change in one's relationship/connection with gender, whilst the gender itself remains the same. The experience could only be felt one time, occasionally, or even differently. Gender sparks do not have to last a specific time in order for it to classify as a spark. It is up to the individual what they classify as a spark. Gender sparks are not inherently LGBTQ+, as they could be felt by anyone, regardless of their identity.

    Identifying an experience as a gender spark is a personal choice. One may have similar experiences, but prefer not to classify them as sparks.

    Examples might appear as:

    • A woman who has a sudden and/or unexpected connection to manhood, while still feeling at place/comfortable as a woman. This would be a masculine spark.
    • A woman/woman-aligned individual experiencing an intense increase in their connection to womanhood. This would be a feminine spark.
    • A genderfluid individual identifying as neutrois for longer than expected or for an extended period. This would be a neutral spark.
    • An individual who occasionally has trouble determining their connection to their gender due to neurodivergence. This would be a neurogenic spark.
    • A genderflux person jumping from libragender to hypergender. The spark depends on what gender they fluctuate from.

    Gender sparks are different from genderspike, because sparks do not feature a base gender, nor do they require a base gender in order to be experienced. It's also different from sparkgender, which is aimed at agender individuals who experience a temporary connection to gender, which then fades back into their original lack of gender. Sparks can be felt in many different ways and by all genders. The spark itself is not incorporated into one's gender label.


    The term was coined by QMCR, roughly in early 2021. It was coined through this page and has no outside sources.

    Subset information

    Extra information and details on specific subsets can be found here:


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