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    Quituit flag - Stripes from top to bottom: White, red, black, gray, brown, green, blue.
    Quituit flag

    Quituit (pronounced "kw-it-too-it") is a gender that seems to change each time an individual wakes up the next day. What it changes to is unpredictable, and so is when it changes, as it can sometimes be the same gender for a long period of time, then suddenly start changing again. There appears to be no trend, and once the individual thinks they have finally discovered their gender (or genders), it changes again later on, starting the discovery process over again.

    The individual might choose to try and keep up with the different identities, hoard each one they change to, or completely give up on trying to identify it due to anxiety, frustration, or disinterest.

    The gender's quality (masculine, feminine, neutral, etc.) or alignment (male-aligned, female-aligned, so on) might also be unpredictable and inconsistent.

    This gender can sometimes be too difficult to tell if it's changing or simply unstable - there's no telling what it will do next, and is more characteristic of unpredictability than of transitioning between genders (or even within one gender). It can't be seen as polygender, though it can split into multiple genders, or even into fluid/flux identities. Each individual who is quituit has a unique experience with their gender and its shifts.


    Quituit is a shortened form of the Latin phrase "quid futuis fit?," which translates roughly to "what the f*ck are you doing?"


    The flag's colors are intentionally clashing, even 'chaotic,' to represent the gender's 'essence' of unpredictability and dysharmonic nature. The white stripe represents "having no answers," referring to how no label seems to fit for long or quite right, but also referencing not knowing (or understanding) one's gender. The red stripe represents the frustration of trying to 'keep up' with the gender's shifts, never being right, or the expletive "F*ck!" shouted loudly (usually in a passionate manner of expressing rage or irritation). The black stripe represents feeling lost, or unable to know what the gender might change to, when it will change, or even what it is presently. Gray represents fogginess, lack of clarity, and lack of understanding of what gender is as a concept. Brown has no meaning initially, simply chosen as it's a color rarely seen in flags, but an optional meaning is "this is bullsh*t, why is my gender such a b*stard." Green represents the brief period when a term finally fits, only for their gender to shift away from it again. Blue represents the depression of never being satisfied or having a consistent, static gender that is easily identified, or the disappointment that one experiences when they believe they finally have the answer, only for it to be wrong later on.


    Quituit was coined by Tired (Tirednowhasablog) on Discord on October 31st, 2021, after being displeased with not having a term that suited his gender experience.


    1. [1]Coining Quituit[1]
    2. Creating the flag[2]
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