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    The flinic flag,
    Alternate flinic pride flag.
    Third flinic flag.

    Flinic is a term for people on the multisexual spectrum whose preference is fluid. This can refer to people whose attraction changes.

    The term can be used by anyone who is attracted to two or more genders but has a preference that changes. It can be used a sexuality by itself or as a modifier for another sexuality (for example: flinic polysexual).

    A similar term is mutasexual, in which the change in one's preference is influenced by a change in one's own gender.


    Flinic was coined by DeathByGlamourrrr on a private site on November 10th, 2020.


    The flinic flag was coined by That-one-aroace-enby on December 20th of 2020. On the first, pink symbolizes the attraction to girls; blue symbolizes the attraction to boys; purple symbolizes the attraction to non-binary people and similar; white symbolizes the changing of your preferences.

    The alternate flag was coined by CosmicSnowstorm on January 5th of 2021. It has a total of five stripes: one pink stripe at the top, one blue stripe at the bottom, one green stripe in the middle, and two white stripes in between. The pink stripe represents attraction to females and people of feminine-aligned genders; the blue stripe represents attraction to men and people of masculine-aligned genders; the green represents attraction to people under the non-binary spectrum; and the white stripes represent the fluctuating preference.

    The third flag was coined by Cryptocrew on February 5th of 2021. Dark purple represents androgynous/neutral genders, dark pink represents women, casual pink represents feminine genders, dark yellow represents outherine genders, yellow represents xenic genders, dark blue represents men, casual blue represents masculine genders, casual purple represents fluid genders/multigenders, black represents genderless/agender people, while white represents attraction. The design represents emotion and passion, while the black triangles represent disruption and change of preference.

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