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    Enigmagender flag.

    Enigmagender is a xenogender in which somebody's gender is either unable to be defined, hard to define, or just too confusing to pin down in one, specific term, similar to an enigma.

    The gender itself still there and tangible, just too confusing to understand, and ever-changing. It can be described like an hourglass flowing normally one moment, then shifting to flow upward without notice and without pattern. Attempts to understand the further often lead to more confusion, and its most defining quality is the fact it is unable to be definied with specifics in the first place.

    Enigmagender vs Tenerbrigender

    While in both genders it is difficult to understand ones gender, enigmagender may change in understanding. Some days the gender may make more sense than others.

    While tenerbrigender is static and feels too vague with not enough details filled in to pinpoint the gender exactly. It may feel darkened out or was written down and erased down into a blurry spot. Tenerbrigender may fluctuate and be tenerbrigenderflux, but while fluctuating, its still able to closely pin point to not being able to, unlike enigmagender where it changes in level of understanding of the gender.


    This term was coined by FANDOM Morphodite's system to express their gender. It was coined on this page on Febuary 4th, 2021 and has no further resorces.


    This flag was made by the user FANDOM Morphodite's system. It shows an hourglass dripping sand upward, defying gravity. It also depicts a dark background to symbolise the darkness and/or confused nature of one's gender.

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