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    Original enagender flag by rainbowflags
    Enagender flag by GalaxySystemm
    Alternate enagender flag by unknown user
    Diabladagender flag by GalaxySystemm
    Demenagender flag by GalaxySystemm
    Enasadgender flag by GalaxySystemm
    Drunenagender by GalaxySystemm

    Enagender is a term that has multiple definitions.

    The first definition is a xenogender with a strong connection to Ena from Joel G’s animations. This gender may switch between two opposite states, much like happy Ena/sad Ena, or it may just strongly identify with Ena in general.

    The second definition is a gender under the emotugender umbrella in which one's gender changes rapidly and along with their emotions. One might feel masculine while happy, feminine while sad, etc., but it's not always set neatly like that, and it's not always masculine for happy and feminine for sad.

    The gender is based off of Joel G's Ena, whose emotions change very rapidly and suddenly. It can be a kingender or fictive gender, but it doesn’t have to be.

    There are multiple subtypes for the second definition of enagender, including:

    • Diabladagender - a gender that is very rapid, uncontrollable, and confusing. Based off Diablada Ena.
    • Demenagender - a gender that is a tamer version of Diabladagender. Based off demon Ena.
    • Enasadgender - a gender that mainly changes during sad or negative emotions, or causes lots of stress, anxiety, etc. to someone who identifies as enasadgender. Based off sad Ena.
    • Drunenagender - a gender that's hard to understand and grasp, and is often very wild in nature. Based off drunk Ena.

    Enagender can be combined with other genders, such as enaboy, enagirl, enaenby, etc.


    The first definition of Enagender was coined on Tumblr by rainbowflags on Nov 10th, 2020.[1]

    The second definition of Enagender was coined on Twitter by GalaxySystemm on June 11, 2021.[2] The thread included every current enagender type and their flags.


    The enagender flag was created by Tumblr user rainbowflags on Nov 10th, 2020. It has no confirmed meaning.

    The enagender flag, diabladagender flag, demenagender flag, enasadgender flag and drunenagender flag were all created by Twitter user GalaxySystemm on June 11, 2021. They have no confirmed meanings.

    Another alternate enagender flag was created by an unknown user on or before December 11, 2021.[3] It has no confirmed meaning.


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