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    The durationflux flag
    Alternate durationflux flag

    Durationflux, also known as vimaflux, is a type of genderfluid in which the duration at which the individual's gender changes depends on which genders they are switching between. Specific genders may shift quicker and last a short time but others may shift slower and last longer. They may switch back to the same gender as the one they switched from or they may switch to a different gender.

    For example, a durationflux individual may shift between male and female over the course of a couple minutes, but may switch from male to agender at a longer duration. This can apply to any genders they identify with.


    The term durationflux was coined by Tumblr user a1ly on August 13th, 2021[1] with the help of Tumblr users fallingleaf, who assisted with the definition and names, and nami-writes, who contributed to the creation of the wiki page.


    The prefixes vima-, which means ‘pace’ in Greek, and duration- with the suffix -flux indicates how long the individual's gender lasts fluctuates from gender to gender.


    Both flags were created by the same user on the same date.

    The colours of the durationflux flag have the same meanings as they do on the genderfluid flag. Pink represents femininity, blue represents masculinity, purple represents both masculinity and femininity, black represents the lack of gender, white represents all genders, the clock symbol represents duration and time that differs between different or specific genders, and faded colours represent fluctuation between genders.

    On the alternate flag, the colours remain the same but the thin lines represent genders switching more quickly and the thick lines represent genders shifting more slowly. The colours of the thin lines being opposite that of the thick lines represent switching genders.


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