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    From top to bottom: Dark gray, magenta, blue, green, yellow, red, dark gray. There is a sub-woofer symbol in the middle.
    The dubstepgender flag
    A version of the current dubstepgender flag without the sub-woofer icon in the middle.
    Alternative dubstepgender flag

    Dubstepgender is a musicagender relating to, or feeling like the dubstep genre and/or subgenres. One can just be dubstepgender in general, or fluctuate between subgenres. Depending on the subgenre of dubstep one relates to or feels like, their gender can feel loud, aggressive, energized, rhythmic, melodic, and so on.

    A dubstepgender person can choose to call themselves dubgender, wubgender or genderstep as well.

    They can also call themselves "subgenre"+gender. Some examples include:

    • Brostepgender
    • Melodicgender (not to be confused with other melody-related xenogenders/musicagenders)
    • Riddimgender
    • Deathstepgender
    • Colourbassgender / Melodicriddimgender
    • Tearoutgender
    • Minatorygender
    • Metalstepgender
    • Complextrogender
    • Undergroundriddimgender


    From top to bottom: Purple, light purple, dark pink, pink, dark blue, blue.
    The original dubstepgender flag

    The current flag was created by Foxivity on January 22, 2021.

    • Dark gray color represents unity
    • Magenta color represents melodic subgenres and / or femininity
    • Blue color represents heavy subgenres and / or masculinity
    • Green color represents other subgenres and / or non-binaryness
    • Yellow color represents xenicness and musicagenderness
    • Red color represents love and passion for dubstep
    • Sub-woofer symbol represents all things dubstep and attachment to bass

    The original dubstepgender flag was posted by instagram user acception._and._kindness on January 12, 2021.

    • Purple color represents androgyny/genderlessness/etc.
    • Light purple color represents musical love + creativity + passion
    • Dark pink color represents femininity and / or confidence in identity
    • Pink color represents deep connection with the genre + EDM in general
    • Dark blue color represents masculinity and / or influence by sparse, syncopation of rhythmic patterns
    • Light blue color represents having a loud sub-bass, feeling energized and hyped up


    Dubstepgender was first coined by instagram user acception._and._kindness on January 12, 2021.[1]

    A more detailed description and a new flag was created by user Foxivity on January 22, 2021.[2]


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