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    Sognareromantic flag

    Dreamromantic, also known as Sognareromantic or Yumeromantic, is when someone only feels romantic attraction during dreams, and rarely or never feels romantic attraction when awake. It is on the aromantic spectrum, and the sexual counterpart is Dreamsexual, Yumesexual, or Sognaresexual.

    The original dreamromantic flag by Miraheze user, Pronounful.


    The sexuality counterpart of the term appears to have been coined by an Anonymous user on January 24, 2021; however, its origins are unknown.


    The original flag was made by a FANDOM user, Notasaverage, on December 13th, 2021

    The green background represents dreams, that are cloudy and not easy to remember. The green also represent the Aromantic flag and it's individuals. The cloud, stars, and moon represents dreams where the romantic attraction occurs. The white background behind the moon represents moonlight.

    The Sognareromantic flag was made by RegardlessThyme2 on August 16th, 2022

    The green represents the aromantic flag, red is commonly used to represent love so the desaturated red represents the love felt only during dreams, the white represents the moonlight, the light and dark blue represent dreams and are the same blues from the Sognaresexual flag

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