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    Drawgender Flag

    Drawgender is an umbrella term regarding any gender identity that involves the act of drawing, painting, and similar forms of creating art. Drawgender can also be used when referring to a person who feels as though their gender identity is either closely related to drawing or that their gender identity is validified by drawing.

    See also: sketchgender, artgender


    Alternate drawgender flag by u/AstarteSnow.

    The original drawgender flag was created by Reddit user u/CarToonZ via posting on r/QueerVexillology along with the alternate drawgender flag in the same post on February 8th, 2021. The black and white colors, for the most part, have a combined meaning with the other stripes of their respective colored stripes. Black represents agender and blackgender together. White represents whitegender, the two shades of red stands for cisgender and transgender redgender people, the two shades of green stands for cisgender and transgender greengender people, the black to turquoise gradient stands for the color spectrum, the two shades of purple stands for cisgender and transgender purplegender people, and the two shades of yellow stands for cisgender and transgender yellowgender people.

    The second drawgender flag was made by Reddit and LGBTA Wiki user Astarte Snow. The brown background represents the creativity of drawing and art as well as anyone who has a gender under the drawgender umbrella. The rainbow stripes represent the different types of art one can create and how they relate to gender, and the grey streak in the center represents the ferrulle of a pencil and people who are drawgender as well as another gender not under the umbrella.

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