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    the artgender flag
    an alternate artgender flag

    Artgender is a xenogender, but may also be an aesthetigender, in which one's gender has a connection to and/or is influenced by all types of art, including poetry, singing, music, painting, drawing, dancing, etc. This could be a gender that changes/fluctuates around art or is aesthetically connected to art.

    Similar terms include artistiangender.



    The term "artgender" was coined on December 28th, 2020 by Dxxnkichu with the help of 90sSamuel.


    The first flag was coined by Dxxnkichu on December 28th, 2020. Bright green represents creativity, the yellow represents writing, the purple represents music, the blue represents comfort one can find in art, the black represents ink, the write represents a blank canvas, gray represents any other type of art, and the darker yellow, purple, and blue represent shading/editing.

    The second flag was coined by GJKtale on December 28th, 2020. It has a music note for all types of music, a stroke for dancing, white for creativity, and a paintbrush/pencil for writing as well as other types of art.

    Artistiangender vs. Artgender

    Though very similar, artistiangender and artgender do have a difference. Artistiangender people experience a connection to art in general, and have a specific connection to being an artist as well as art. Artgender though, while being defined by a connection to art through gender, is developed much more on the aspect of specific kinds of art and categories/aesthetics, while artistiangender is related on a more whole-scale way to art and artisanship, the latter being unique to artistiangender.

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