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    Chara Violet's vincian flag
    An alternate, inclusive sunset vincian flag by an anonymous user.
    Inclusive vincian flag

    Vincian is an alternative synonym for achillean, describing MLM attraction. Some also use it as a synonym for gay man. It may also be considered inclusive of those who experience NLM attraction.

    Orientationgenders associated with being vincian include vinciangender and vinciagender.

    History and Flags

    Vincian was coined by Tumblr user bivirgil on June 22, 2018. He created the original flag in the same post.[1]

    Since then, more flags have been created. The meaning of the word has also shifted slightly such that some individuals use as a synonym for gay man in addition to its original meaning as a synonym for achillean.[2]

    Because of the overlap with gay men, gay male flags are sometimes used to represent vincian. One of the most popular of these is the flag by Tumblr user gayflagblog, which was created on July 10, 2019.[3]

    One vincian flag was designed by tumblr user Chara Violet on June 5, 2021.[2] This flag is based on all the other flags for gay male subcultures:

    • On the top, there's a pink stripe which is seen on the twink flag + the crown in the drag flag. Pink is also a color that’s historically been used to represent gay men in various ways. On this flag, it stands for gender non-conformity
    • Then there's a peach stripe is to reminisce of the bear flag’s ambers and browns, while sticking to the aesthetic of the flag. On this flag, it represents sexuality and sensuality
    • The pale yellow stripe is found on both the twink flag and the bear flag, and on this flag it represents nblm and trans men
    • The pale azure stripe is used in the Achillean flag, as well as in many gender flags to represent masculinity (see: trans flag, demiboy flag, etc). On this flag, it represents strength and community
    • The lavender is also in the drag flag, and when next to the azure stripe it can reminisce of the blues used in the bi flag, leather flag, genderfluid flag, etc. On this flag, it represents peace and community.

    Another alternate vincian flag, a sunset vincian flag, was designed and proposed by an anonymous user. The color meanings are as follows: Green (#239e84) represents masc and man aligning nonbinary individuals. Blue (#37a9d5) represents men. Purple (#b07be5) represents the unique way masc-/man-aligned individuals express femininity. Pink (#eb88d0) represents love, specifically men, masc and man alignined individuals who love other men, masc and man aligning individuals. Pastel orange (#f8d2c9) is for aromantic and asexual individuals.

    An inclusive vincian flag was created by Tumblr user kenochoric on June 26, 2022.[4]


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