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    The delloromantic flag is very similar to the demiromantic flag, it has a green stripe down the center cut off by a triangle that unlike the demiromantic pride flag is light grey instead of black. the rest of the flag has two colors one above the other below the center line like the demiromantic flag the top color is white however the bottom color is black opposed to the demiromantic flag witch is light grey in that area.
    The delloromantic flag.

    Delloromantic refers to someone who experiences attraction to multiple genders and experiences alloromantic style attraction to some genders, but is demiromantic towards other genders. For example, a delloromantic individual may require a close emotional bond with a person with a female gender in order to be attracted to them, but it is not necessary such a connection to be a attracted a person with a male gender.

    Delloromantic can either be a romantic orientation on its own or can be combined with other orientations. For example, one could be delloromantic and polyromantic meaning that when one does experience romantic attraction they experience it towards multiple genders, but not all genders.

    The sexual counterpart is dellosexual.


    The coiner of delloromantic is currently unknown, but the term was coined on or before January 1, 2021.[1] While it is unknown if this term was coined then, but the definition of delloromantic has been discussed on Asexuality.org since December 28, 2020.[2]


    The dellosexual flag was designed by Wiki FANDOM user GenderGay on January 1, 2021. The flag is inspired by the demiromantic flag however the light gray and black are flipped to represent being in a grey area of demiromanticism.[3]


    the word "dello" is a combination of "demi" and "allo" because Delloromantic and sexual individuals are "demiromantic towards one gender" while being "alloromantic towards another"


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