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    The CPORD flag.

    Cytochrome PORD (CPORD) is an intersex variation that effects both CTM and CTF individuals alike. This variation is characterized by a mutation in hormones, which causes reduced production of steroid hormones. It is unknown how common this variation is, as only 65 cases have been reported.[1]

    For those with this variation, ambiguous genitals and infertility is common amongst both CTM and CTF individuals.

    For CTF individuals, amenorrhea, ovarian cysts, and hyperandrogenism is common. Because of this, CTF individuals tend to have masculinized traits that cause irregular menstruation, acne, excessive body hair, and weight gain.

    For CTM individuals, AMAB hypogonadism occurs.[2]

    Antley-Bixler Syndrome

    Antley-Bixler Syndrome (ABS) is know as the more severe version of Cytochrome PORD. The symptoms are more prominent and dramatic in nature, and are often more obvious than CPORD.

    Those with this variation may or may not experience the symptoms of CPORD, however they do have their own exclusive symptoms that are listed below. This variation can effect both CTF and CTM individuals, just as CPORD can.

    Symptoms include anal abnormalities, cardiac malformations, skeletal abnormalities, locked elbows, unusually long fingers, bowed thigh bones, a flattened mid-face, a prominent forehead, bulging eyes, low set ears, a closed off nasal, intellectual disabilities, and slowed development.[3]

    Those that are CTF may have a closed off vagina.[4][5]


    This variation is caused by mutations in the POR gene, a gene that provides instructions for enzymes that play a critical role in steroid hormones. Because of this mutation, hormones such as testosterone and estrogen become very low in production, and don't balance correctly within the body.


    Individuals who are pregnant with children who have CPORD and/or ABS tend to develop some symptoms themselves while the baby is forming. This includes development of excessive body hair, acne, and a deepening voice. These changes slowly go away after the baby is delivered.

    The reasoning for this is due to hormonal disturbance effecting not only the baby, but the carrier of the baby as well during development.


    The CPORD flag was coined by Reign of the breadsticcs on May 7th of 2021. It has no confirmed meaning.[6]


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