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    The hyperandrogenism flag.

    Hyperandrogenism is a variation under the hypergonadism umbrella, in which one produces a high level of androgens (such as testosterone) in AFAB/CTF individuals. Hyperandrogenism is not a diagnosis on its own, but is a symptom that occurs in several medical conditions including several variations of intersex.

    Symptoms may include acne, seborrhea (inflamed skin), hair loss on the scalp, increased body or facial hair, infrequent, irregular, or absent menstruation, and high blood cholesterol. Those with this variation also tend to have early growth spurts and mood swings.[1][2]

    CTM Hyperandrogenism

    CTM Hyperandrogenism or AMAB Hyperandrogenism is when one who is CTM or AMAB has an increase of androgens.[3] This usually is unnoticeable, however this may be partnered with variations that do have noticeable symptoms (such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia.)

    A symptom that may or may not occur is a macropenis or macroorchidism.


    The hyperandrogenism flag was designed by Tumblr user distinct-disability-flags on or before June 23, 2020.[4] The testosterone molecule is used as an umbrella for androgen hormones and the ring is for individuals whose hyperandrogenism is intersex in nature, representing their wholeness and bodily autonomy (derived from the intersex flag). Red represents the courage to love oneself, however that love takes shape. Pink represents how hyperandrogenism does not diminish the femininity of those with a feminine gender and/or gender expression. White represents the countless number of genders people with hyperandrogenism can have. Dark gold represents the large population of individuals thought to have hyperandrogenism (~95 million) wishing to thrive in their own equally worthy lives.


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