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    Custodiogirl flag

    A custodiogirl (also known as custodiowoman) is someone who is observed as a girl and therefore becomes one. This is a type of custodiogender, which is a mutogender and can be a condigender. The opposite of custodiogirl is custodioboy.

    This usually describes someone who is genderfluid or genderfruct and fluctuates between being observed as/being a girl and other genders (e.g. agender, xenogenders, male, demiboy, etc). However, this term is also inclusive of genderflux individuals, specifically girlflux individuals, who always remain fia-spec/a type of fingender/lunarian. This can describe someone who is usually librafeminine, a para-girl or a demi-girl who becomes 'more girl' or 'fully girl' once observed. This would also be custodioflux.

    Custodiogirl experiences include:

    • feeling like a 'real girl' around certain people/family. This can include non-binary women who feel more female out of non-binary spaces or vice versa.
    • pretending to be a girl for others, and then actually becoming one.
    • long-term gender shifts related to presentation/how others perceive their presentation.
    • feeling a fingender differently when unobserved than with other people.


    The custodiogirl flag is a five-striped pride flag. The dark pink represents observation/gender perception, the dark blue represents female gender switches, the white represents librafeminine/agia-spec custodiogirls, the light blue represents custodiogirls with ties to male-aligned genders (like also fluctuating to mia-spec genders) and the light pink represents overall female-aligned custodiogirls.


    This term was coined on the Custodiogender page on the lgbta wiki by wiki FANDOM user Nemosexual on the 4th of August, 2021. That page is the original source and coining page for the term custodiogirl.

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