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    The centrispec flag.

    Centrispec (also written as centri-spec) refers to a spectrum in which someone has a “base” or “center” orientation (for example: pan), but they fluctuate and move through various a-spec identities over time, as well as sometimes looping back to allo. How quickly one moves through aspec identities depends on the individual. Someone’s acespec, arospec, and/or aroacespec identities do not have to ever be the same. They can experience multiple acespec, arospec, and/or aroacespec identities at a time.

    An example would be someone who is centrispec may be allo one day, grey another, alloace the next, and so on.

    Centrispec Individuals may move through acespec, arospec, or aroacespec identities, as well as some or all at the same time. It is similar to, but not the same as, aroflux and aceflux. It could also be seen as a subtype of abrosexual.

    Sub types of centrispec terms include centriromantic and centrisexual, but can also be used for any other form of attraction.

    The kymenic (static) equivalent of this would be myrromantic and myrsexual.


    The centrispec flag was made by Tumblr user kenochoric on November 20, 2020.[1] The stripe meanings are as follows: Blue represents change, variation, fluctuation. Green represents arospec identities. Yellow represents someone’s center or core identity in the “middle”. Pink represents allosexuality, alloromanticism, and/or both, when it applies. Purple represents acespec identities.


    Centrispec comes from the prefix centri-, which means center. This refers to the base orientation a centrispec individual has. It is referred to as a spectrum because centrispec Individuals move through a wide variety of various a-spec orientations, and two Individuals with this identity may have wildly different orientations they move to.


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