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    Bosandir is an altersex identity in which one desires to get breast implants/breast expansions, or has already had it done. This does not include people who are getting breast implants as part of their journey to fully physically transition into a transsex female. This identity is for those whose sex will be somewhere in-between/a mix of traits.

    Those that are bosandir may desire or have had other sex-changing features (such as someone who has also had a tracheal shave) so long as it isn't a full transition into a binary sex.


    This term was coined by Cryptocrew (specifically Arwen) on January 21st of 2023, via a private Discord server, along with the terms anutero and shiftormon.  


    The "bos" from the title comes from the word "bosom."


    Coinage confirmation, done on Cryptocrew's (can'o'beans) private server.