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    The neofeminine flag with moon symbol

    Neofeminine (also known as neofem or neogal) is a gender with a connection to femininity, but in a non-traditional way, different from the way women and fiaspec people experience gender. Neofeminine challenges the concept of femininity while being completely separated and incomparable to womanhood and the concept of woman as a gender or component of another gender.

    Neofeminine can be described as being feminine-aligned, neutral-aligned, non-aligned, and/or fingender.

    The neofeminine flag with no symbol
    The original neofeminine flag

    Some common neofeminine experiences include:

    • Having a brand new kind femininity that is not the same as the common or societal kind. Some may feel like it's not a "human" kind of femininity;
    • Feeling as if their femininity is a very own kind of femininity that can only be understood by themself.

    Neogals can still call themselves women, but not in a way that would be considered fiaspec, female or female-aligned (unless they are multigender, demigender, genderfluid and/or other variations that include one or more fiaspec, female and/or female-aligned genders). For example, they could use the word for self expression or because they also identify as woman-related (though some people may have other reasons to do so).

    The masculine equivalent is neomasculine

    Neofeminine VS Neogirl

    While neofeminine is inspired by the label neogirl (coined by Twitter user erikaispanlol), they are on different planes on the gender spectrum, thus not related to each other. The only things they have in common, besides the name and flag similarity, is the idea of challenging traditional concepts of gender and femininity as well as sometimes being neutral-aligned.


    The terms neomasculine and neofeminine were coined by FANDOM user AnarchogenderBlitzo in March 2021, inspired by neoboy and neogirl which were coined by Twitter user erikaispanlol. In the same month, on the date of 16, the old flags based off of the neoboy and neogirl flags were made. The new flags were made on August 19, 2021, but they were lacking the sun and moon symbols. Later, on October 18, 2021, the sun and moon symbols were added.


    The old design is based off of the neogirl flag, except the pink is replaced by peach. Black represents every gender outside the binary, purple for every gender within the binary that isn't exclusive male or female, peach for non-traditional femininity, and white for transition of gender and confusion of gender.

    The new design is inspired by elements of our Solar System that are associated with femininity to symbolize the originality, complexity and diversity of neofeminine experience as well as it's distance from the well known concepts of femininity. In the neofem flag, the white stripe represents the planet Venus, light grey for Pluto, blue for Neptune, and the black moon symbol for Earth's Moon.


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