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    The beingology flag.
    The beingology flag without the symbol.

    Beingologygender is a xenogender in which someone feels a connection to both demons/demon-like entities and angels/angel-like entities in media or appearance. The aesthetic of demons/angels may be intriguing to oneself, but the fear of religion looms over one's head if they were to identify with one. So this gender is meant to be the middle ground, where one doesn’t have to relate to religion-based demons/angels. If one is interested and/or relates to the religious side of it, they can still identify as this. Being the gender is meant for any form or kind of demons/angels.


    The term was coined by Reddit user BloodMoon_Night on September 4, 2021. The flags were created by the same user on the same day.[1]


    The beingologygender flag is a combination of the angologygender flag and the demologygender flag. The first stripe represents the attraction to demon-like aesthetics, the second stripe represents separation from pure good and evil, the third stripe represents the attraction to angel-like aesthetics, the fourth stripe represents the understanding of humanity while being separated from it, the fifth stripe represents the relatability of angels in media, the sixth stripe represents separation from religion, and the last stipe represents the relatability of demons in media.


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