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    Axiosexual flag.

    Axiosexual is a sexual orientation in which an individual only expresses interest in or desire to engage in sexual activity with others if some kind of attraction (usually romantic or secondary or primary sexual attraction) is present. Axiosexuals are averse to and/or disinterested in sex with individuals they are not attracted to, but may engage if sexual and/or other attraction is present. Many axiosexuals are on the asexual spectrum (often also identifying as grayasexual or demisexual) but some allosexuals may also identify as axiosexual if they experience disinterest towards sexual activities with individuals they are not specifically attracted to.


    From Greek "axiotheato", meaning attraction, and Greek "axios", meaning worthwhile/suitable.


    Axiosexual was coined by wikia user StarTigerJLN, a grayace/genderfluid graduate student at the University of Kansas, on January 20th of 2021, during a discussion of sex interested vs sex averse asexuals / graysexuals in the Facebook AVEN forum.


    The Axiosexual flag was designed by StarTigerJLN on January 20th of 2021. The black background is for disinterest in sexual engagement when unattracted, the orange stripe is for passionate attraction, and the rainbow star for solidarity with and potential for overlap with other orientations.

    Similar Terminology

    The term is related to (but different than) omniasexual, apressexual, and apothisexual, wherein individuals are always disinterested in sexual activities and do not ever experience sexual attraction.

    Debates have arisen as to whether axiosexuality is equivalent to grayasexuality or demisexuality. While overlap of axiosexuality with demisexuality is possible or common, the axiosexual identity does not involve a necessary requirement that a "bond" or "connection" exists in order for an attraction to manifest. Axiosexuality furthermore specifically includes aversion under certain circumstances as part of the identity itself, which furthermore distinguishes it from asexuality, grayasexuality or demisexuality.

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