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    The awolgender flag.

    Awolgender is a xenogender where one has a gender that feels lost and/or distant, as if one is unable to find it. Awolgender can also explain an individual's experience with gender being too complex that it might feel empty and cause confusion about what their identity is, while still feeling like they’re not fully out of the idea of having a gender. This might feel like so-called gender without a gender, or like it's out of the gender idea but the person still might feel like it's a form of gender to them.

    The individual can also feel genderless while being connected to the idea of gender identity. Awolgender can be also used as a label describing one's experience with gender or as a modifier. For example, a demiboy who feels like their gender is still lost. This identity may be considered similar to gendervoid, agender, and other identities on the agender spectrum, such as abinary identities and out of the idea of “gender” while still feeling one has a gender.


    The term was coined by TikTok user spoinglyxd.


    The awolgender flag has seven stripes. The first stripe represents emptiness, the second stripe represents feeling lost, the third stripe represents confusion, the fourth stripe represents satisfaction, the fifth stripe represents complexity, the sixth stripe represents feeling content, and the last stripe represents ”idfk."


    Awol means absent without leave, meaning someone or something is absent without official leave, but without the intent to desert.

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