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    Autiromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum defined as when one's autism greatly affects one's romanticity, or romantic attraction. Autiromantic is not autism as a romantic orientation, nor is it the romantic attraction to autistic people, but rather describes an experience of romanticity that that is so heavily influenced by being autistic that one's autism and one's experience of sexuality cannot be unlinked. Autiromantic is under the neuroromantic umbrella.

    Autistic people's romanticity can be influenced by being autistic in many ways. The social normativity and construction of romanticity as a concept, and how it is often described, are frequently things that neurodivergent people cannot relate to, particularly autistic people, because of their neurodivergence. Emphasis on romanticity and labeling of romanticity in a neurotypical or allistic way may not be things that autistic people understand or wish to participate in. Individuals with any of those experiences, in this case autistic people, may be misunderstood or face ableism because of allistic and neurotypical ideas of how other facets of one's identity affect and intersect with romanticity. There are many people who may feel like being autistic influences their experience, perception, or understanding of romanticity. There are many studies that show that autistic people are more likely to be not straight.[1] Autistic people may also face unique challenges in coming out.

    Similar labels that may also fall under the umbrella of autiromantic are autiaro. Since autism is a spectrum, autiromantic can be an umbrella term for specific intersections between autism and romantic attraction. Not all autistic people identify as autiromantic, only those whose romanticity is influenced by them being autistic. Autiromantic is exclusive to autistic people, as allistic people cannot have their romantic attraction influenced by autism. The sexual equivalent is autisexual.


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