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    Atzema'it (עצמאית) is a Jewish-exclusive gender term for genders that are not part of any other gender within Jewish culture in any form. The gender may not even be referred to as not being part of it. It is more than just detached or not part of the gender collection, but completely separate. It is its own definition and collection by itself, independent of any proximity to other genders or their opposite.

    Non-Jew genders that are in the same realm are maverique and anontrinary.

    This gender doesn't have to be outherine. It can be any alignment. It can have any presentation and any quality. The only thing needed is that it's independent, a catch-all of sorts for any gender experience that is separate from any other gender in Jewish culture, in whatever way that experience may be.

    It is important to understand that the Jewish gender categories are not a binary or surrounding a binary. The idea of "non-binary" is completely inapplicable, not just because the term is exclusive to cultures with a binary, but because the idea of being 'neither' or 'not' anything doesn't accurately describe what a maverique gender would be. The point of a maverique gender in Jewish culture would be that it not only doesn't fit any other definition, but also exists in spite of not fitting any other definition. All Jewish genders are defined by what they are, not what they aren't. This is why saying "Atzema'it is not being any other Jewish gender" would be inaccurate.


    Atzema'it (ahh-tseh-mahh-it) is Hebrew for "independence."


    Atzema'it was coined by FANDOM user Tirednowhasablog, a reformation Jew, in May of 2021. The term was coined on Discord.[1]


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