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    The Aslashgender flag
    The aslash enby symbol, which can be used for aslash in general

    Aslashgender or a/gender, shortened to aslash or slash, is a type of gender under the non-binary umbrella in which someone identifies as a recognised gender, while having a very different gender experience than one would expect from their gender identity. It is best described as "identifying as, but not really with, a certain gender". For example, an aslash girl may identify as female while not experiencing the gender identity of what most of society views as female.

    Aslash individuals may have an entirely different view on what "male" and "female" are to them, and identify as their experience of a chosen gender identity. Thus, they would not be "pretending" to be a certain gender, as they choose to identify with the typical parallel of their unique identity.

    Aslashgender may be similar to offgender or perigender.


    Aslashgender was originally coined as aslagender on 1 January 2021 by FANDOM user RalseiTheFluffiest as a way to better describe her identity.

    After finding out that aslagender was an existing identity, she renamed the term to aslashgender.


    The term aslashgender is derived from the prefix "a-" (meaning "not"), and the word "slash." A forward slash ("/") is usually used to describe something being either-or. This is applied to aslashgender by saying "not gender or gender" representing being a certain gender, while not relating with that gender at the same time.

    Aslashgender should be pronounced as "ay-slash-gender".


    The first aslashgender flag was created by RalseiTheFluffiest on 1 January 2021. The meanings of the flag's colors are: Green represents identifying as a gender. Cyan is close to green, and represents being a unique version of a gender. Light red is the opposite of green, and represents being not a gender at all. Grey represents fluctuating between white and black and being uncertain about one's gender.

    The aslash symbol was created by FANDOM user RalseiTheFluffiest on 4 January 2021. It features a break in the middle to represent a disconnect from traditional gender identities.


    • Aslash Girl - Identifying as one's unique sense of woman
    • Aslash Boy - Identifying as one's unique sense of man
    • Aslash Enby - Having a unique sense of the binary genders, but identifying as neither of them
    • Femslash - Identifying as one's unique sense of fingender
    • Mascslash - Identifying as one's unique sense of mingender
    • Neuslash - Identifying as one's unique sense of ningender
    • Xenslash - Identifying as one's unique sense of any given xenogender
    • Watercoloured - Fluid between aslash genders
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