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    User:Ralsei the Mega Floof

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    Eveline's transition goals

    I'm currently taking a break from FANDOM. Please read my bio for more information.

    Eveline's dragon-ace flag

    Yello! My name is Eveline, but you can call me Evie. I'm a FANDOM editor who pops up here every once in a while. I'm an avid member of LGBTQ+ and MOGAI, and I love learning about previously-unheard-of identities that this wiki creates. I must warn you; I am extremely gae.

    Just how gae am I?

    Orientation: Apothiromantic dragon-asexual. (A dragon-ace is someone who symbolises their asexuality using dragons.)

    Amory: Nonamorous

    Gender: Floofy trans cat-fox-vixen-something-girl

    Pronouns: (Subject/Object/Pos Det/Pos Pro/Reflex)

    • She/her/her/hers/herself (is)
    • Shei/hyr/hyr/hyrs/hyrself (are)
    • Nya/nyan/nyar/nyas/nyeowr (are)
    • Vix/vix/vixs/vixs/vixen (is)

    Other Things About Me

    I am a huge n e r d.

    I'm in the middle of creating a conlang called Ruetric. As of now, I can say "Nille labelle erre Eveline. Kqué'rre villes?"

    I have central heterochromia iridis. That means that the centre rings of my eyes are a different colour (green) than the rest of my eyes (grey).


    • Book series: Warrior Cats
    • Telly show: Gravity Falls, King of the Hill
    • Video game: UNDERTALE
    • Colour: Lavender, dark grey
    • Person: My sibling, for being supportive of me
    • Typeface: Candara, Helvetica

    The Shirt Code

    As I have multiple different pronoun sets, I've created the "shirt code", which is a variation of my profile picture containing shirts of different colours to signify the pronouns I feel like using that day.

    If my avatar is wearing a:

    • White Shirt: I feel no strong opinions on which pronouns I'd like. Any of my pronouns may be used.
    • Red Shirt: Today is a she/her day.
    • Blue Shirt: Today is a shei/hyr day.
    • Purple Shirt: Today is a nya/nyan day.
    • Orange Shirt: Today is a vix/vix day.
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