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    The MLM homoaro flag.
    Simplified homoaro MLM flag.
    Aromantic lesbian flag by lesbiflags.
    The Arospec Lesbian flag

    Homosexual Aromantic, also known as Homoaro, or Gay Aromantic is a form of allosexual aromantic or aromid, referring to someone who is homosexual (gay, vincian, lesbian, etc.) and aromantic. They experience sexual attraction to the same gender, but they do not experience romantic attraction. The term can be used by lesbian aromantics, gay aromantic men, as well as any others who identify as gay and aromantic.

    The asexual alloromantic variant is asexual homoromantic.


    The homoaro MLM flag, was created by Tumblr user cappuccinosuke on July 2nd, 2020.[1] Color meanings are as followed: Light pink represents allosexuality. Medium pink represents self-love. Dark pink represents the fade to romantic attraction. White represents trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming men/masculine aligned people. Dark teal represents the fade to sexual attraction. Medium teal represents friendship/platonic bonds. Light teal represents aromanticism. The homoaro MLM flag may also represent other aro-spec gay MLM as well, as long as they identify as mostly aromantic.

    The lesbian aromantic flag had been created by Tumblr user lesbiflag,[2] who has since left their blog. There is no known meaning. 

    The Arospec Vincian/Gay flag

    The Arospec Lesbian and Vincian/Gay flags were created by Tumblr user crispnuqqet.[3]


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