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    An Aphrodite Lesbian flag

    An Aphrodite Lesbian is a lesbian who has a more sexual nature. It may be used by hypersexual lesbians, aro-spec allosexual (alloaro) lesbians, or lesbians that generally consider themselves sexual in nature/more interested in sexual activities than non-sexual activities. It is the opposite of a bambi lesbian.

    The mascic counterpart is eros gay.


    It is currently unknown who originally coined the term aphrodite lesbian specifically.[1]


    An aphrodite lesbian flag was featured on Tumblr user plurgai's account. It has an unknown meaning and it is not known if the user originally created this flag or not, but it seems to be one of the most recognised.[2]

    On September 8th 2020, another aphrodite lesbian flag was coined by Tumblr user lgbstims. Its colour meanings are as follows. Red represents passion and lust, its one of the colors traditionally associated with the goddess Aphrodite. Pink represents love and romance, another color associated with Aphrodite. Light pink represents yonic desire. White represents peace & acceptance of your sexuality. Lavender represents lesbian history, lavender has been associated with the gay & lesbian movement since the 1920s. Violet represents sapphic love, violets were a symbol of love between women back in the day and the subject of a sappho poem. Blue represents vitality, also the color of the sea which is the birthplace of Aphrodite. [3]

    Two other aphrodite lesbian flags were then made on August 20th, 2021, by Tumblr user icarusoblivion and FANDOM user TheNelsonSystem inspired by the bambi lesbian flag and colour pallets associated with Aphrodite.

    Another alternate flag was designed by Tumblr user urpurplehairedsage on February 21, 2022, coral pink represents sexual love, eroticism and beauty, pearl pink represents Aphrodite (pink was supposedly her favorite color), white represents the diversity within our community, hypersexual lesbians, alloaro lesbians, etc. Scallop shell as the main symbol of Aphrodite.[4]


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