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    The amoracurious flag.
    The amoracurious flag with a question mark.

    Amoracurious is a blanket term for aromantic individuals who are curious or open to experiencing or engaging in romantic relationships despite not feeling romantic attraction. This may be done for reasons such as wondering whether or not they would like a romantic relationship or be capable of experiencing romantic attraction. It may also be because the individual wants to see if they have an orientation beyond aromantic. An aro may even enjoy aspects or behaviors from said experience, but remain aromantic and desire a similar relationship, which can be alterous or queerplatonic. This term also applies to those who are exploring/questioning whether they are greyromantic.

    This term is primarily for aromantic individuals who want to experiment or see if they like romance, romantic relationships or can have romantic attraction, and is unrelated to gender-based attraction in orientation. If one were to be curious or go beyond amoracurious and wonder if they have feelings for a specific gender, they may be androcurious, gynecurious, or bicurious depending on the individual. One can be questioning whether they are b+ as well, and may use an identity such as omnicurious, abrocurious, or pancurious.


    The term was coined by Wiki user PennedWriterz on November 25, 2021.[1]


    The flag was created by Wiki user PennedWriterz on November 26, 2021. The green stripes are for aromanticism, the pink stripes are for romance or romantic attraction, and the mixed color stripe is for the space in between. The question mark on the alternate flag is for questioning.


    The prefix "amora" comes from the Latin word "amor," based on the Roman god, Amor, who is the god of love and harmony. The "-curious" suffix comes from any experimental feelings, or an openness to have experiences outside of one's usual romantic orientation.


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