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    The alisexual flag.
    The alternate flag.

    Alisexual, or aliumsexual, is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum/aromantic spectrum that describes someone who is attracted to strangers (e.g. acquaintances) but the attraction is lost on contact or after getting to know each other. In general, they find that once they have found someone romantically attractive they can come back again and again. Once romantic attraction is such that it can no longer be ruled out to get the feelings again.

    The attraction only becomes active when hints or feelings have first been expressed by another individual. The attraction is reciprocal (in that it is only felt if the individual that the alisexual/aliromantic individual is attracted to is first or also attracted to them). This can also describe when one falls in love with the initial aura, but upon getting to know someone better the attraction fades because they do not find the personality/other aspects attractive.

    Alisexual individuals could have a celebrity crush and the feelings can disappear/fade away as soon as one gets to know the individual. These feelings may come back and they may have romantic fantasies over a possible relationship with the stranger (in this case a celebrity).

    One may be alisexual but not aliromantic, or vice versa. This can also be a fluid sexuality. individuals may be oriented alisexuals/aliromantics (e.g. panalisexual). It may also be that someone who is alisexual/aliromantic experiences this only with certain identities and not others. For example, they may identify as homoalisexual (to describe same-sex attraction to strangers that fades).  This can be a gender-blind sexuality, in which you share an attraction to all identities but experience that attraction differently for different ones/have other attractions for different ones. An alisromantic individual may identify as aromantic as well as they may experience long periods of lacking any romantic attraction.

    Some alisexual/alisromantic experiences include:

    • Feelings for only a certain period of time which may be ambiguously romantic. After losing the feelings you may still want the individual as a partner. 
    • Experiencing feelings in one or several ways to one or more certain genders, or all genders, as this orientation is fluid. 
    • Considering all possible ways of falling in love/experiencing fluid attraction for any identity. Different attractions include: aesthetic, sensual, romantic, sexual, etc.
    • Feelings that last for a specific amount of time. For example, they could have feelings as long as they are not in a relationship and/or are indifferent to those feelings.
    • Having a libido but being indifferent and/or disinterested in sex.
    • Can describe individuals with no understanding of the motives/cause of their attraction. Feelings were there (like a celebrity crush) and could come through the character (if you have this as a friend)


    The term was coined by user Alex.Lichtenberg03 on August 2, 2021.[1]


    The alisexual flag was created by user Alex.Lichtenberg03 on August 18, 2021.[2] Black represents that the feelings can disappear or a sense of hopelessness that alisexuals may feel because one is not interested and/or the feelings do not persist. Purple represents sexual interest, to represent how not only romantic attraction plays a part in the attraction. Green represents the hope that feelings/interest may remain. Turquoise represents the variety of emotional states. Red represents romance. The description of the other two flags. With the flags, purple stands for sexual interest and black for the uncertainty of what happens to the feelings and green is supposed to symbolize romantic interest.[3]


    "Ali" is the abbreviation of "alium" which means "other" in Latin.


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