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    The aliquasexual flag.
    Alternate flag by Cryptocrew.
    second alternate flag by genderstarbucks

    Aliquasexual is an ace-spec identity in which one only feels sexual attraction under certain circumstances. Aliquasexual can be considered an umbrella term, with identities such as demisexual being included under it. However, aliquasexual can also be an identity on its own. For example, some individuals may only feel attraction to a very specific type of individual, or only when in a certain place or at a certain time.

    The romantic counterpart to aliquasexual is aliquaromantic.


    The term was coined by an unknown user on or before 2016.[1]


    The original flag was coined by Tumblr user pastelmemer On June 26th of 2016. It has no confirmed meaning.

    The alternate flag was coined by Cryptocrew on February 20th of 2021. The black represents lack of sexual attraction, light pink represents low amounts of sexuality, pink represents higher amounts of sexuality, and the red design building up represents requirements one has for sexual attraction. The stars represent the vast asexual spectrum.

    The second alternative flag was made by Tumblr user genderstarbucks.[2][3]


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