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    The original absorgender flag.

    Absorgender, also known as absorbgender, is a gender in which one absorbs the genders of the people around them. As one is around more people, more genders are added to the genders one feels, and even after the people leave one still feels their gender. These genders remain until one reaches a "maximum", at which point they become a blank slate, and revert to a single "base" gender. This base gender can be any gender, including agender. For some people this "base" gender may be different each time.

    If one absorbs a particular gender or types of genders more easily than other genders, one can use the prefix absor- as a modifier for that gender, including, for example, absorgirl, absornonbinary, and absorboy.


    The original flag was first proposed by Tumblr user nepkrisprite as late as July 9, 2016. The colors overlapping and mixing refers to absorgenders taking in the genders around them. The black in the center references how the color black absorbs all colors of light to produce the color black.

    The alternate flag was proposed by wiki user Someconfusedfurry (now NULLeffect) on September 22, 2020. Blue represents masculinity, pink represents femininity, yellow, green, and purple represent gender neutral, non-binary, and xenic identities. Gray represents genderlessness. The overlapping circles represent how an absorgender person "absorbs" genders around them.

    Another alternative flag was designed by an anonymous wiki user on October 15, 2020. Yellow represents abinary genders. Blue represents men, man-aligned, and masculine genders. Pink represents women, woman-aligned, and feminine genders. The colors in between—green, purple, and orange—represent blends or combinations of these genders, as well as having multiple genders as a result of collecting or absorbing them. There's also a version with a large brown circle in the center, representing gender absorption and maxing out. The brown circle was added on October 29, 2020.

    Another absorgender flag was created by MasterGeniusLeCrunchMaster on December 26, 2020, inspired by the original.

    The absorboy, absorgirl, and absornonbinary flags were coined by Amnisty on November 17, 2020. For the absorgirl flag, the shades of pink in the background represent a sea of feminine genders, while the circle represents the person collecting said genders. This meaning is the same for absorboy and absornonbinary, but with masculine/non-binary genders instead.


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