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    The ARCsexual flag.

    ARCsexual is a label describing individuals who feel Averse, Repulsed, or Conflicted (ARC) towards their sexual attraction or towards sexual interaction. The label is commonly used by asexual spectrum individuals, but is not exclusive to this community or sexuality.

    ARCsexual may be used as a label itself, but it is also an umbrella term containing a spectrum of microlabels beneath it related to sex stances. These terms may also be used to refer to states that an ARCflux individual falls into at a given time. For microlabels/terms that fall under the ARCsexual umbrella, the suffix -carnal is used. Commonly used labels include:

    Related labels that do not explicitly fall under the ARC umbrella due to not relating to aversion, repulsion, or confliction include the following:


    The ARC acronym was created by the Tumblr blog arcresources on November 27, 2014.[2] The term arcsexual was first mentioned by Kisten Sadi, a moderator on the blog, on December 3, 2014.[3] They continued searching for an umbrella term up until December 8, 2014.[4] The next day, the blog began to regularly mention arcsexuality in its posts.[5] The term was expanded on by Kisten Sadi in a post on both WordPress and Tumblr on December 14, 2014.[6][7]


    There have been multiple ideas for ARCsexual flags originating on the ARC Resources blog, which were modified until the community mostly settled on the most common flag used today. The official flag was released on the blog on March 10, 2015, and established to be the official flag on March 11, 2015.[8][9]

    The official flag's color scheme consists of diagonal stripes, symmetrical on the diagonal, with red, black, blue, and grey stripes.

    The concept of the diagonal stripes was supposed to signify alignment with different MOGAI communities, while also setting them apart “since [it] isn’t a gender or a sexuality but [it] still needs visibility.”[10] Red signifies association with sex, and the idea of not wanting sex and refusal and repulsion towards it.[11] There isn't a clear meaning for the blue, possibly added for higher contrast and aesthetics. In the creator's mind, black, white, and grey were associated with MOGAI, and also were associated with asexual and aromantic communities.[10][12]

    The other flags created are less used and less well known, and mostly used in the development process of the official flag. The theme of the flags is mostly the same, with the colors and aspects of the flag still representing the same things.

    All flags below without the blue were created by that-nonbinary-guy on Tumblr on February 4, 2015.[13] The flag with the blue was released on March 10, 2015, by ARC Resources.[8]

    ARCsexual Alternative Flags


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