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    The original xenofluid flag.
    The original xenofluid flag with extra stripes.
    Plain xenofluid flag.

    Xenofluid is a type of genderfluidity that fluctuates between xenogenders, whether exclusively, primarily, or just a little. People who identify as xenofluid can also have a binary gender, a demigender, and more, but one can also be disconnected from the binary genders.

    Xenofluid vs. Exofluid vs. Gendersylph

    To avoid confusion, we'll provide the differences of these three similar genders.


    This gender identity is exclusively fluid between xenogenders, meaning that nothing else is fluid, and might remain static.


    Gendersylph experiences the fluctuation between xenogenders and never encompasses within the binary genders. This can also fluctuate between outherine genders. It may be neutral-in-nature for the most part.


    These three fluid genders are specific, but xenofluid remains the most inclusive of them.


    The term xenofluid was mentioned on the Xeno-Aligned Tumblr blog on February 8, 2018. It was eventually collected and fully defined by a Tumblr username who went by logchamp on October 9th, 2020. It is unknown and not yet confirmed on who coined it first.


    All three flags were made by the Tumblr user logchamp on October 2020. The meaning of these colors are as follows:

    #FF6B97 - disconnect from the binary

    #FF6B9B8 - comfort in this disconnection

    #9785f2 - variety in gender alignment

    #5B80AF - fluidity of ones identity

    #7F23EB - neurodiversity




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