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    The xendrogyne flag

    Xendrogyne also known as xenandrogyne is a term for those who's gender is both androgynous/androgyne and xenine/xenogender. This identity can be fluid or fluctuate, and could also be used to describe a polygender identity where one has both androgynous and xenine genders. This gender does not necessarily have to be exclusive, and the two parts of this identity do not have to be equal.

    Demixendrogyne flag by Reign of the breadsticcs


    Demixendrogyne is a gender identity which can refer to a few different things-

    1. A multigender person who is both demiandrogyne and demixenogender (they may be other genders as well)
    2. A monogender person who feels their gender is a singular "fusion" of demiandrogyne and demixenogender
    3. A person whose gender is some percent demiandrogyne and some percent demixenogender, making both only partial components of their gender and therefore demigender components
    4. A genderfluid person who is fluid between demiandrogyne and demixenogender (they may be fluid between other genders as well)


    The official coining post for Xendrogyne was posted on 10th February 2021 by xenovampire on Tumblr, also named sanguinebutch. It was coined on amino a few months before, but a solid date is unsure. Demixendrogyne was coined by FANDOM/Wikia user Reign of the breadsticcs on March 24, 2021.


    The flag was created by the Rust & Stardust System.

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