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    The wistirian flag coined by FANDOM user RoseWatera.
    The old wistirian flag.

    Wistirian is a gender from The Astrian System. It is a aesthetigender that relates to stereotypically masculine things or things of a tougher aesthetic, as if the person's gender identity relates to those things. If a person relates to the masculine part they don't have to relate with the tough aesthetic part, and vice-versa. They may also feel their gender has a masculine, solarian, carnatian, fervian or vermil aura. It can be paired with another gender or be used on its own.


    Tressian is the demigender version of wistirian, meaning it only has a partial connection to wistirian, with the other part being something else. The "other part" can be an unrelated gender to The Astrian System but it doesn't have to be.


    The updated wistirian flag was created by FANDOM user RoseWatera on June 4th, 2021.[1] Dark red represents aesthetics related to gender, red represents masculine aesthetics, the pink-ish red represents tougher aesthetics. The white-ish red represents feeling a masculine aura. The black diamond in the middle represents being a part of the astrian system. The updated flag was based on the original flag and has the same color meanings and symbolism.


    The term was coined on November 21st 2020 by FANDOM user RoseWatera on the astrian system page. This page is the original source of the term.