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    The voltegender flag.

    Voltegender (also known as Curvagender) is a gender modality where one is trans, but for some reason, one does not associate themself with being trans. One may instead consider themself cis, though one did originally identify as trans, implying an active identification of the cisgender label more than the transgender label. An example of a voltegender experience is when a trans man feels disconnected from the trans label in someway and instead relates more to being a cis man/considered one, whether or not they have experienced any aspect of being a cis man. Examples of people who may fit under the voltegender label include but is not limited to:

    • Trans people who wish to be stealthy and do not associate with being trans.
    • Trans people who feel trans is just a modifier to their gender or is irrelevant to them and prefer not to use the label.
    • Trans people who no longer feel dysphoria and identify with being cis more than being trans.
    • Trans people who have completed their transition and feel the trans label no longer applies to them.
    • Trans people who do not like the label trans and/or are not proud to be trans and prefer to be seen as/considered cis.

    It is important to note that this is not a transgender individual identifying as cisgender (as cisgender is identifying as ones gender at birth, and if one doesn't identify as their assigned gender, you can't fit the cisgender label) but rather feeling as though the term cisgender is closer to their gender experience than trans is. This term also cannot be used by detransitioners, as they identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.

    This is not to be confused for labels like MTM or FTF where one has always felt they have been one gender despite their body's appearance/characteristics, and may still identify as trans.


    The term and flag were created by CISBOY on March 14th, 2021. The flag is a muted version of the transgender flag, meaning the blue represents men/masc-aligned individuals, pink represents women/fem-aligned individuals, and the white represents non-binary people, those who are transitioning, intersex people, etc. The muted colors represent the disconnect from the trans identity. The symbol on the flag is that for cisgender people and with it's more bold color, emphasizing the stronger connection to the cis label.


    The term voltegender came from the French word volte-face which means "an act of turning around so as to face in the opposite direction" while the term curvagender is based off of the Latin word for curve, as in turning back to a cisgender identity.

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