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    Vesmirian pride flag by Reign of the breadsticcs
    Alternate vesmirian flag
    Another alternate vesmirian pride flag

    Vesmirian is a gender identity similar to worldgender and universegender with the distinctive differences of being harder to explain and compare to things as well as often having very fluid or fluctuating parts.

    One could identify with a main label, such as non-binary, but have many other genders that are less prevalent. Often those identifying as vesmirian have a main gender and the others can be described as "background noise". These genders might be constant, fluid, fluctuating, or any other variant. This often creates a sense of extreme confusion for the person identifying as vesmirian, as one might feel different genders at different times in complicated ways. It is also possible that certain genders cease to exist or lie in dormancy for some time, or forever.

    One may describe their gender in ways that someone else might find hard to understand, such as “demiboy with a hint of springsgender with the identities non-binary and juxera”, but not necessarily with those labels, and potentially with more or less labels. Many vesmirians find it hard or useless to determine what their gender is in one moment because it changes so frequently as most genders are affected by the others. For example, like dominos. For lack of a better explanation, one gender may fluctuate and in turn another gender may “quieten” or grow “larger”. Almost every vesmirian has unique ways of describing their gender and no one metaphor would encompass it.


    Vesmirian was coined on March 29, 2021 by fandom user -raining-constellations-.


    The prefix vesmir- comes from the czech word "vesmir" which means universe.

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