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    Varipronominal flag
    Alternative varipronominal flag by FANDOM use rhythmsancat
    Alternate varipronominal flag by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags

    Varipronominal is a form of pronoun non-conformity where one mixes or modifies existing pronoun set(s) to create a new set. These mixed sets can involve the standard pronoun sets (he, she, they) and/or neopronouns. There are several different ways pronoun sets can be combined or modified:

    1. Two or more pronoun sets are mixed to create a single set. For example, ones pronouns could be xe/him/xyr/xyrs/himself. In this example this person mixes the "xe" pronoun set and the "he" pronoun set. They would be referred to with "xe" in the nominative case, and "him" in the accusative case.
    1. Unusual conjugations of the standard pronoun sets. For example, she/sher/shes/shers/sherself, he/her/hes/he(r)s/he(r)self, etc. People may prefer these sets because they like the idea of transcending lexical agreement.
    1. The words themselves are combined. For example, if one wants to combine the "he" and "they" pronoun sets the resulting pronouns could be hey/hem/heir/heirs/heirself


    It is unknown when the term was coined, however, it has been used amongst the community since 2019.


    The Varipronominal flag was created by a user going by Ruthie on November 14th, 2020. The pink represents pronouns associated with femininity, the blue represents pronouns associated with masculinity, purple represents pronouns associated with neutrality, white represents all other pronouns/neopronouns.

    The second flag was made by FANDOM user rhythmsancat on June 11th, 2021.[1]

    The third flag was made by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags on December 21st, 2021.[2]


    1. https://pronoun-archive.tumblr.com/post/183930673501/some-varipronominal-sets
    2. https://www.deviantart.com/jfifles/art/Varipronominal-Pride-Flag-865116582
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