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    Hi! Welcome to my profile! This is going to probably be ripping off Idratherhavecake's profile (because they are amazing and one of my friends) but whatever. I just like the format.



    Meteor (nickname)

    Cactus (nickname)


    it/its (i always like these. these are my favorites)

    all neopronouns (these are always cool too, but my favorites in order: sith/siths, frog/frogs, gec/gecs, xe/xem, li/lim, nya/nyas)


    he/him (the preference for these two change, sometimes i like them and sometimes i don't)

    she/her (only aesthetically)


    i'm a genderhoarder but here are my main labels






    -nonbinary trans boy

    - whatever your gender is it's mine now /hj

    i also use the word "transtrender" as a form of reclaimation


    -(oriented) aroace, queerplatonic

    -i'm also t4t

    random stuff about me idk:

    - i'm autistic, please use tonetags

    - i have a lot of ideas for things that i will talk in depth about but will probably never do

    - my special interests are the billboard hot 100, cottagecore, trendercore, Star Wars, and the Other People's Heartache mixtapes (my favorite is Part 4)

    favorite musical artists:

    - Bastille

    - Mitski

    - Cavetown

    - girl in red

    - Post Malone

    - Travis Scott

    - AJR

    - 100 gecs

    - My Bloody Valentine

    favorite albums:

    - Bury Me At Makeout Creek - Mitski

    - Rodeo - Travis Scott

    - Hollywood's Bleeding - Post Malone

    - Cavetown - Cavetown

    - All This Bad Blood - Bastille

    - Loveless - My Bloody Valentine

    - Puberty 2 - Mitski

    - Beerbongs And Bentleys - Post Malone

    - Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight - Travis Scott

    - ASTROWORLD - Travis Scott

    -Sleepyhead - Cavetown

    -Wild World - Bastille

    - Ok Orchestra - AJR

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.