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    TW Bold Text and Cat(s)

    She / Her or Fae / Faer Pronouns Please ^^



    Eula Main / Genshin AR 49 Lmao

    Please no severe negativity towards me or any other users on my message wall. /srs /gen

    [user,,, RainyySundayss9 ^^🌀the aroace fishe in the closet]

    [hello, I am a discussion moderator ^^ I usually add TW(s) you may ask me for a link to the list of required TW(s) if needed. Let me know if you need help w/ anything. Please write ‘moderator help needed; (topic)’ if you need moderator help rather than just talking casually. Have a good day / night 💕 / random information; I use , instead of . and tq rather than ty I also, tend to be /pos or I talk in a serious tone. ✨ @contie dedication part✨yes, @/contie if you’re reading this you have a section dedicated to you in my about page ^^ honestly, the most hardworking, kind person ever,,, tq for being you. Uhhh didn’t want to add this but,,, I guess I will. I am not my avatar. I am a fan of the person I used as my avatar, please don’t call me a catfish.]
    [socials; @Sn0wyW on twitter,,, @Rain_yySundays on instagram,,, @GhostyyXiaoBao on roblox,,, @rainyylmao19 on padlet / can be on from 8 am / 10 pm — 10 pm / 11 pm EST rather if it’s a school day the first time and if it’s the weekend the second time ^^ please let me know if you’re a user here if you see me on my social(s) tq]
    <poem>[eula came home at 81 pity,,, on december 5th at exactly 4 hours 49 minutes and 28 seconds on a sunday ^^ w/ a guaranteed]</poem>
    this page was coded by the stardust system.

    Please ask @-raining-stardust for their code and not me as they made it ^^ you can find the code in their blog post(s) but,,, you should ask first /lh

    Also, please try not to read any other messages on my message wall unless it is relevant for you to read it. Reading other user(s) messages,,, might make them uncomfortable as some of the information in their message they might want to keep confidential,Thank you. ^^ 🎉🌀🌀

    DNI; do not interact if you're name is on the list, thank you. (Unless it's for moderator reasons)

    (add your @ here if you would like to DNI as well)

    Also, have a good day / night ^^ /lh /gen /pos

    If needed for reference on TW(s); User blog:ThatAnnoyingDemigirl/Guide to the wiki#Trigger Warnings

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