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    Please don't ask us how systems function. Having our existence constantly questioned is exhausting.

    We have autism, intellectually disabled, auditory processing, we are an endogenic and traumagenic DID system with PTSD, speech and sound disorder, diagnosed depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD. We are all also Islamic. We are also partially deaf and have tics when stressed. Our body pronouns are ghost/ghostself, demon/demonself, ram/rams/ramself, and keir/keirself.

    Our alternate names are Jade, Justice, and Andy.

    The Body

    The body is psychic and fictionkin to Catra from She-Ra. It also has an e*ting disorder.

    Gender Identity

    Agender, gender non-conforming.


    Polygamous, pansexual

    Hobbies and Interests/Likes

    reading anime , watching She Ra \ watching paranormal tvshows, knitting , finger and arm knitting , collecting Pokemon, baseball cards, listing to music , writing poetry music , breaking dancing, contemporary dancing, painting, writing, and drawing.

    Comfort Characters

    • Spider-Man
    • Batman
    • Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch)


    • LGBTph*bia
    • T-slur, d-slur, and the f-slur
    • The word r*tarded


    • R*pe
    • Needless g*n sh*ts
    • Family parents (extreme abandoned issues)
    • The months: may , November (, December anything Xmas)
    • Authority figures
    • The name "Jack"
    • Sch**l
    • Caps
    • Dr*g addict*on and Dr*gs
    • The word "homeless"
    • E*ting disorders
    • Ad*ption
    • G*re(o)
    • Being ignored
    • Dr*wning
    • Sw*mming
    • S*icide
    • Anything w*r(a) related
    • Anything with the a*my(r) related
    • Being called out/put on the spot
    • Anything related to group h*mes(o)
    • Swear words
    • Car cr*sh(a)
    • The name serei
    • Sp*ders(i)
    • Bl**d(o,o)


    Shadow (they \them)


    erosflux sexuality, genderfluid gender

    Keomi (no pronouns)


    fairykin otherkin

    Katylin (she \ her)



    Angel (he \him)


    demifluid, fictionkin to Purfuma from She-Ra

    Jackie (❤\ ❤'s)


    objectum, omnisexual, ❤ is an empath

    Skyler (sun \sunflower \sunflowers)


    sanssexual, straight

    Jeremiah, Angelo (it \its)


    nonbinary .

    Nathan (peace\peaceself)


    demisexual, demiromantic

    Samantha (Fragment) (xe\xem)



    AJ, RayJ (dragon\dragons\dragonself)


    therian to simba from Lion King

    Abner (🎶\🎶's)


    demiabrosexual, questioning gender

    Bryan (ae \aer)


    transfem, aroace


    VVV Sign here VVV

    hii :DD Your super cool to talk to, I hope you have a good day!! ( RainyySundayss9 )

    Heyy!!! ~~Clear.Skyes 2021

    I hope you are doing well! Take a donut for the road 🍩. Have a good day/Night!-Lake (StariiArts)

    You're really cool! -Kyx (Starism

    Idk yall on a personal level but ur valid :) - Zach (he/they/fauns)

    Hiiii!! - Pastelglitches

    heyo :))) -murd/el/fey/fay

    heyyy! you guys are epic and i hope you are doing well! haV cookie seeing as i am the cookie master 🍪 - August (Hopefur09)

    Hello, we talked a bit. -Null 🔳they/it/he🔲

    I’m co-fronting, hellooooo!! ~Chloe 🌸she/they🌸

    Hi :) - Adrian (he/them)

    ★彡[ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴍʏ ᴅᴇᴀʀᴇꜱᴛ ꜱɪʙʟɪɴɢꜱ]彡★ ~ TanukiStar [Francisco | he/they]

    hii!! i've seen u guzs 'round the wiki, zou guzs seem prettz cool!! (hii! i've seen u guys around the wiki, you guys seem pretty cool!) -Zani

    hello! you guys are awesome! this is just a reminder that all of you are valid and loved, and i will always support you and be there for you! <3 /gen ~ @0rchi3


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