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    The unomultic flag.

    Unomultic is a sexuality where one technically fits under the multisexual/pluralian umbrella, but due to one’s attraction being to similar genders, they do not feel comfortable using m-spec terms. Instead they may feel more comfortable with labels such as gay (if the genders one is attracted to are similar to one's own) or straight, or any other monosexual terms, even though their attraction covers multiple genders.


    Unomultic was coined by user Cosmic Lemon151 on July 25, 2021.


    The unomultic flag was created by user Yomancy on July 25, 2021. It was inspired by both the monosexual and mutlisexual flags.

    See also


    1. https://orientando.org/listas/lista-de-orientacoes/unomultique/