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    Universegender is a fluid xenogender that feels as if ones gender is like its own universe and each gender is a star, planet, asteroid, or anything else in space. Though it can be any gender and isn't space specific. That feels as if one is floating through this and sometimes it stops at a specific planet or is just the emptiness of space.

    The universegender flag.
    Alternate universegender flag by Reign of the breadsticcs.


    The flag was created by fandom user Mx. Rabbit. The light grey stripe represents asteroids and the cyan stipe represents nebulas. The black stripe represents black holes and anything else unknown in space. The light blue represents stars and the dark grey represents planets and moons. The symbol in the middle represents the universe as a whole.

    The alternate flag was designed by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs on March 31, 2021. at the request of FANDOM user RoseWatera. The purple, blue-purple, blue, dark blue, and black stripes all represents the typical colors and aesthetics associated with the universe. Each circle on the flag represents the different "space objects" like planets, stars, etc. that consist of their gender. The white-black gradient circle represents agenrine/uingender identities, the red-white gradient circle represents outhrine/aiaspec genders, the orange-white gradient circle represents xenic genders, the yellow-white gradient circle represents abinary and anonbinary genders, the green-white gradient circle represents neutral genders, the teel-white gradient circle represents multigenders and atrinary/anontrinary genders, the blue-white gradient circle represents miaspec and mingender identities, the purple-white gradient circle represents liaspec, lingender, and androgynous genders, and the pink-white gradient circle represents fiaspec and fingender identities.

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