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    Not to be consufused with trysexual.

    Trisexual is the attraction to exactly three genders. These can be any three genders, including binary and non-binary genders.

    Trisexuality falls under the multisexual umbrella alongside quadsexuality, bisexuality and polysexuality, etc.


    The original trisexual flag

    Trisexuality has had several previous or "alternate" definitions, some of which have been highly inaccurate. The first definition was known as "an alternate name to pansexual". This definition is inaccurate as it implies there are only 3 genders (male, female, and non-binary).

    Another alternate definition was "fluctuating between bi, poly, and pan"[1], though this definition was not widely seen.

    One of the other of the definitions is the "attraction to men, women, and animals" which is wrong as non-human animals do not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences and severity of consent and cannot consent to intimate acts.


    The original trisexual flag was created on or before August 14, 2015 by an unknown person. The flag was later changed because the flag seemingly followed the definition of "an alternate name to pansexual" and the design appears to imply that there's only three genders.

    The new flag was created by wiki user WaterTwinkie on December 15, 2020. The pink stripe represents genders that are feminine in nature (FIN). Blue represents genders that are masculine in nature (MIN). Purple represents genders that are androgynous in nature (LIN). White represents all genders.


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