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    This article contains discussion of topics which may be upsetting to some readers. This article is intended to be educational but reader discretion is advised.

    "Transtrender," or "trender," is a term often used by transphobes, radical transmedicalists, and exclusionists as a way to invalidate transgender people. "Transtrenders" are people who are assumed to be "pretending to be transgender for attention," or for some sort of "fad." This term is often directed towards:

    Why this Label is Harmful

    Invalidation and Assumptions

    The implication that you can tell who is really transgender, versus who is not, is incredibly transphobic and invalidating. Nobody is capable of peeking into someone else's mind and fully understanding who they are and what intentions they have. You cannot determine someone's gender by observing how they look, speak, or behave. The only way you can know what someone's gender identity is if you ask them and they tell you.


    The "transtrender" label is often used to push a cisnormative idea of what gender should be. People who accuse other people of being "transtrenders" often do so because their target can not, or does not want to, pass as cisgender. This encourages the belief that cisgender identity is the default and should always be strived for. This also encourages the belief that cisgender identity is inherently more important and desirable than transgender identity.

    Toxicity and Danger

    When people start accusing each other of being transtrenders, this creates a toxic environment. This is particularly harmful when it comes to minority groups, such as the transgender community. Transgender people already often have to deal with transphobia from cisgender people, and dealing with transphobia from other transgender people in addition to that can lead to incredible harm, and even death.

    Identity Policing

    Nobody should ever have the authority to take away or decide another person's identity or validity. Everyone should have the freedom to express and identify themselves in whatever way makes them most happy and comfortable.


    Some people have reclaimed the term and have turned it into something new and positive. Rather than accusing other people of being transtrenders, people who have reclaimed the term refer to themselves as transtrenders, enjoy trendercore, are trendergender, or are trendercoric. Reclamation does not mean you get to call other people "transtrenders."


    Trendercore is an aesthetic genre centered around bright colors, pride, self-love, happiness, validation, and inclusivity. Common themes include pride flags, neon colors, dyed hair, MOGAI, alternative aesthetics, and pronoun pins.

    Trendergender Flag


    Trendergender is a xenogender which reclaims the word "transtrender." It was coined for people who are assumed to be faking being trans for attention. It's associated with gender nonconforming trans people, non-dysphoric trans people, xenic people, people who use neopronouns, etc.


    Original Trendercoric Flag
    Snailrat's Trendercoric Flag

    Trendercoric is a coric xenogender which also reclaims the word "transtrender." This term is used by people whose gender is in some way similar to and/or impacted by the aesthetic of trendercore.

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