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    The transandrogynous flag.
    Alternate transandrogynous flag

    Transandrogynous or transdrogynous is a term used to describe a transgender individual who identifies fully or partially as androgyne or another androgynous gender. It can be considered umbrella term for individuals who transition to an androgynous identity.

    Transandrogynous individuals can also identify as other, non-androgynous genders as well. For example, an neutrandrogyne individual may identify as transandrogynous, though typically one's androgynous identities are more significant that one's non-androgynous identities, or one wants to emphasize their androgynous identity.

    Transdrogynous is not necessarily a combination of transfeminine and transmasculine, but is a mix of the binary genders or could be a lack of gender. Unlike transmascfem, it is not exclusive to any AGAB.

    Transandrogynous is sometimes used, not as a gender identity, but as a way to describe anyone who undergoes a transition process to an androgynous presentation (regardless of gender)- either through surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or other methods. Under this definition, individuals who undergo transition to attempt to appear more androgynous would be considered transneutral, regardless of their actual gender identity.

    The feminine equivalent to transnandrogynous is transfeminine. The masculine equivalent is transmasculine. The neutral equivalent is transneutral. The xenine equivalent is transxenine. The aporine equivalent is transaporine. The outherine equivalent is transoutherine.


    The term and flag were created by DeviantArt user decaykid on April 23, 2017.[1]. Another transandrogynous flag was made by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on July 29, 2021.[2]


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