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    The trans system flag.
    The transmasculine system flag.
    The transfeminine system flag.
    The transneutral system flag.

    The term trans system, also called a transitioned system or transgender system, can be used to describe a plural system that has gotten or wants to get a gender-related surgery for the body, as a collective. The term exists to describe the collective decision of wanting to undergo surgery to make headmates more comfortable in front.

    This can also be used to describe when a system has decided on this purely because they have other headmates in the body now, and knows that they would not have made the same decision if they were a singlet.

    Another way in which the term can be used is when all headmates within the system are a gender that is the opposite of the body's sex (eg. all-male headmates in an AFAB body), though using this term towards a system that hasn't consented to being comfortable with it could be harmful, as if stating that the headmates couldn't possibly feel euphoria in the body.

    The term can also be used alongside terms such as transmasculine (transmasc system) and transfeminine (transfem system).


    The term, as it is now, was coined by FANDOM user Rose.Quartz.Council on June 22, 2021; however, the term and those similar to it have clearly been used in the past for a while to describe this experience - not with a set consistent meaning nor an original coiner.

    This term was coined through this page, and has no outside resources.


    The trans system flag was designed by Discord user thenelsonsystem#0156 on September 5, 2021. Its color palette is a combination of lightened colors found on the transgender flag, the all-inclusive system pride flag, and mixtures of colors from both flags. Blue represents transmasculine systems, green represents the wider plurality community, yellow represents transneutral and other trans systems, pink represents system love and happiness, and purple represents transfeminine systems.

    The transmasculine, transfeminine, and transneutral system flags were created on the same day by the same user. Their colors follow the same meanings.

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