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    Tidal Censair flag created by wiki user Wavey Ocean.

    Tidal Censari is very similar to censari, as well as demixenogender. Tidal censari, is a gender where one feels as if they are censari, and their masculine and feminine connection shift with an inner tide. This is different than being censari with shifting connections to masculinity and femininity, as one feels that the tide is an important part of their gender.

    The tide could represent many things, including (but not limited to):

    • Feeling that the amount of connection they have to a binary gender shifts
    • Feeling that as the connection to masculinity increases, the connection to femininity increases and vis versa
    • Feeling that their connection to any gender (the combination of a water-related xenogender and censari) changes with a inner tide
    • Feeling that as the amount of water-related xenogender they are increases as the amount of censari decreases, and vis versa

    The things on this list are not exclusive, more then one may co-exist, for example feeling that one's connection to masculinity increases and femininity decreases, AND feel that their water-related xenogender and censari increases with a tide. One can identify as tidal censari even if their gender is better described by demixenogender or censari as long as it makes sense to them.


    This term was coined by wiki user Wavy Ocean on March 17, 2021


    The Tidal Censari flag, created by wiki user Wavey Ocean, is the censari flag with a light blue strip above and a dark blue strip below to represent the connection to water and the tide.

    Multi Tidal

    Sometimes, someone who identity's as tidal censair may identify as multi tidal, meaning instead of their gender shifting with one tide, it may shift with two, three, or any number of tides. Two would be considered bi-tidel, three tri-tidal, four quad-tidal, and so on.

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