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    The terraric flag with a simplified picture of the Earth.
    Simplified terraric flag with four stripes, created by exclusionist twitter user strwbryfemme
    Another 4-stripe terraric flag by ElderflowerJuice

    Terraric (also called terrarian) is an orientation for non-binary people who are exclusively attracted to non-binary people and stellarians. The term was created as an alternative to skoliosexual, which controversially grouped binary transgender people with non-binary people in a manner some perceived as fetishistic. The term is part of the galactian alignment system.

    The term can be altered to indicate sexual or romantic attraction with terrasexual and terraromantic.

    Similar terms include ceterosexual and enbian.

    The masculine equivalent to terraric is marsic. The feminine equivalent is venusic.


    The terraric flag was designed by Mod Hermy on the Tumblr blog ask-pride-color-schemes in February 2017[1]. The color scheme was chosen to resemble the land and water of the Earth.

    The simplified version of the terraric flag, which has four stripes, was made by Twitter user strwbryfemme on June 17, 2021.[2] This flag is controversial due to the user's exclusionist beliefs and history of vandalism on the LGBTA Wiki.[3][4] Another four-stripe terraric flag was made by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on July 27, 2021.[5]


    Terraric comes from the Latin word for Earth, Terra. The name was chosen to compliment the terms marsic and venusic.


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